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Catalina Spas

Catalina XF500

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The CAT XF500 is an environmental control unit designed to control the heat and humidity in medium to large pool rooms.

The Catalina XF 500 Room Control Unit (RCU) is a heat exchanger and fresh air heat recovery system incorporating either LPHW heater battery or Electric elements (depending on the available heat / power source)

The unit draws fresh air from the outdoors and passes this through a internal heat exchanger where it will receive the heat from the warm moist air being drawn from the spa room. The passing airs do not mix. The fresh, now warm air will pass through an internal heater where additional heat will be added if required before entering the spa room. The RCU is fully automatic controlling temperature and humidity and is variable speed.

The benefits of this system is that it provides fresh air ventilation, controls humidity and sets a small pressure difference between spa/ pool room and house (to prevent moisture migration). It fully conforms to building regulations, has a low running cost and minimal maintenance.

The RCU only uses 3amps to run (excluding and additional heat), it is almost silent in operation, and comes complete with its own temperature control and manual override.

Please note - The CAT XF500 does not come with any ducting.