Yachts and ships

We are proud to supply some of the leading yacht builders in the world. These include Sunseeker™, Horizon Yachts and Oyster yachts to name just a few.

We produce bespoke designs to meet the clients exacting requirements all to the RINA (Royal institution of Naval Architects) specifications.

We were contracted to design 2 overflow spas for 'Sea the City' harbour tours in New York Harbour.

We designed, built and tested the spas in our factory here the UK and then shipped to the USA where they were fitted onto the pleasure crafts. 



Hand crafted stainless steel water feature

The client asked us to design and manufacture a cascading water feature for the spa on their Yacht.



Beautiful spa with glass wall on yacht deck

A spa with a view! Stunning hand built spa featuring a unique glass wall on a world famous Sunseeker™ yacht



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