About Us

Please note we are based in the UK and have no affiliation with Catalina Spas in the USA.

Catalina Spas™ Ltd is based in Gomeldon, a small village on the outskirts of the beautiful Cathedral city of Salisbury. The company stands as a testament to innovation and commitment in the realm of personal relaxation and leisure.

Founded in 1997 by Stephen Crabb, who had extensive experience in the spa and swimming pool sector, handling projects across the UK and Europe. During that time, he noticed a growing desire for personal spa and hot tub ownership and the significant advantages that hydrotherapy and home leisure provide. However, at that time there was a very limited selection of spa models/brands available and most were either very basic or very expensive!

Seeing an opportunity, he took the decision to source a manufacturer with whom he could work with to form a partnership to design and build spas to a very high standard and, importantly a company he could work with to evolve the spa design, performance, and features.

In 1996 an agreement with a family run operation in the USA was signed and in 1997 Catalina spas Ltd was formed. The very first of the ‘newly designed’ spas were, built, and then air freighted to the UK. Each model was unique and incorporated many features never seen on spas available in the UK. These features were ground breaking and later copied by other manufacturers.

Catalina Spas™ blazed a trail of innovation, introducing stunning features that have since become staples in modern spa design. From multi-point colour-changing lighting to integrated music systems, built-in televisions, auto-dosing systems, and even the UK's first Party Swim Spa, Catalina Spas™ set the benchmark for luxury and functionality.

Fast forward 27 years, and Catalina Spas™ Ltd in the UK has become a fully-fledged manufacturer in its own right, firmly rooted as a family-owned enterprise with Stephens Daughter and Son now in the business, supported by a dedicated team boasting unrivalled expertise and a commitment to impeccable aftercare, Catalina Spas™ continues to redefine the landscape of personal wellness.

Catalina Spas Ltd has a specialist bespoke department where they design and build unique projects for, amongst others, the marine industry and are proud to manufacture spas for the luxury yacht brand, Sunseeker™. Other projects include; residential mahogany hot tubs, one piece training pools, commercial spa shell replacement, specialist steel and aluminium welding/fabrication. No job is to big or to small.

This year, Catalina Spas™ has been honoured with the Best Buy 2024 Award by WhatSpa? Holiday Park Magazine. The award-winning CS-3 Holiday Park Hot Tub stands out as a purpose-made HSG282 compliant spa, tailor-made for the leisure market. Its dimensions of 1600 x 2030 x 810mm make it an ideal choice for holiday parks, vacation homes, and other leisure facilities alike.

Beyond holiday park spas, Catalina Spas™ also offers a wide range of residential and commercial Hot Tubs and Swimspas, along with Pergolas, Pool and Spa chemicals, Pool and Spa Accessories, and more, ensuring that Catalina Spas™ remains the ultimate destination for all things relaxation and rejuvenation.