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Catalina Spas

Power Grab n Bond- 290ml

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Power Grab n Bond is a revolutionary product in the field of heavy-duty versatile bonding. Its formulation is based on our new CT1 product using our unique TRIBRID® polymer Technology. The density of Power Grab n Bond is far greater allowing phenomenal results in initial grab. Coupled with the rapid curing will in most applications reduce labour time by at least 50%.

Power Grab n Bond eliminates the need for additional fastenings, originally designed for façade bonding. In addition, Power Grab n Bond has a capacity to adhere to endless materials such as stone, granite, ytong, marble, concrete, wood, MDF, fibreglass, all metals (including alloys), glass, polystyrene, mirrors and most plastics (except PP, PE and PTFE).

The remarkable feature of Power Grab n Bond lies in its ability to effectively bond dissimilar materials, such as wood to concrete or stainless steel to stone. Unlike conventional methods, which often rely on a two-component epoxy mix for adhering marble or granite slabs to block walls, Power Grab n Bond offers a more efficient solution.

Traditional methods involve supporting each slab with ties, which can be time-consuming and temperamental due to the precise mixing requirements of epoxy. Additionally, the full cure time for epoxy can range from 24 to 72 hours, whereas Power Grab n Bond does not share these drawbacks.