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Catalina Spas

GrillKota BBQ Hut 9m² + 2m Sauna

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GrillKota BBQ Hut 9m² + 2m Sauna

We offer the ultimate in luxury Kota BBQ Houses/ Grill Cabins, all hand made in Finland from timber cut sustainable wood. They're built to last.  


  • 45 mm double tongue and groove semi round pine log 
  • 18 mm pine panel roof with profiled felt tiles 
  • double glazed windows
  • insulated part glaze door with lock and pine flooring

* We can manufacture in large sizes or double units with connecting corridors, please call our support team for more information and prices * 

Each Grill Kota comes as standard with the following; 3 split level BBQ grills, folding central tables, fish cooking boards, copper kettle, cooking griddle, reindeer skin seat covers, pillows, copper coloured smoke hood and chimney and full assembly instructions.

Includes Sauna extension with sauna accessories and Harvia™ wood burning sauna stove.