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Catalina Spas

GrillKota BBQ Hut 15m²

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GrillKota BBQ Hut 15m²

We offer the ultimate in luxury Kota BBQ Houses/Grill Cabins, all hand made in Finland from timber cut from sustainable woodland and built to last.  

  • 45 mm double tongue and groove semi round pine log 
  • 18 mm pine panel roof with profiled felt tiles 
  • double glazed windows
  • insulated part glaze door with lock and pine flooring

3 Split Level BBQ Grills:

  • folding central tablets 
  • fish cooking boards
  • copper kettle
  • cooking griddle 
  • reindeer skin covers & soft pillows 
  • copper colour smoke hood & chimney 
  • full assembly instructions 

* We can manufacture in large sizes or double units with connecting corridors, please call our support team for more information and prices *

15m Deluxe Model Includes

  • Cornered Building
  • 45mm Thick Double Tongue and Grooved Pine Wall Panels
  • Pre-shingled Roof Panels
  • Rain Cap
  • Pre Assembled Floor Sections
  • Lockable Glued Frame Door
  • 3 Opening Double Glazed Windows
  • Benches
  • Smoke Collector with Chimney
  • 3 Split Level BBQ Grill
  • 2 Fish Cooking Boards
  • Grilltables
  • 5 Reindeer Hides
  • Copper Tea Pot
  • Frying Pan 
  • Lapland Souvenirs Box including Wooden Dishes, Cups and Cutlery for 6