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Catalina Spas

CDP40T Through-The-Wall Dehumidifier

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The CDP Through-The-Wall Dehumidifiers are compact units with quiet operation. The units are equipped for high dehumidification capacity.

The CDP 40T-50T-70T dehumidifiers are designed to endure the conditions in indoor pool rooms. The metal parts and internal surfaces are coated in power before assembly. The evaporator and condenser coils are made of epoxy-coated aluminium.

The features of Through-The-Wall Units include:

  • Light and compact units
  • Very low sound level
  • -ow power consumption
  • High Dehumidification capacity
  • Built-in electronic hygrostat and thermostat
  • USB gate for PC tool
  • Control signal for additional exhaust fam
  • Optional extras include a remote control
  • Optional built-in water heating coils and electric heating coils
Operating Range - Temperature  10-36°C
Operating Range - Humidity (% RH) 40-100
BMS Modbus
Hygrostat Built-In
Thermostat Built-In
Air Volume (m3/h) 400
Dehumidification Capacity at 28°C/60% RH (l/24h) 34
Power Supply 1 x 230 / 50 V/Hz
Max. ampere consumption (A) 3,8
Max. power consumption (kW) 0,9
Refrigerant/quantity (kg) R407C/0.7
Compressor Rotary
Fan Radial
Sound level (in pool room 1 metre from wall) 43 dB
SEC Value at 28°C/60% RH 0,47
Filter G3-PPI15
Weight (kg) 57,5
Height 700mm
Width 998mm
Depth 304mm