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Catalina Spas

Catalina Headrest Curved 19"

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Headrest for original Catalina Spa or Swimspa.

This headrest is available with or without 2 suction cups on the back. (Please note we currently only have suction cup headrests in stock.)

Please ensure you have checked your current headrests prior to ordering.

Fits models:

CL500 & CL550- 2012

CL600 & CL800- 2015

Aurora, Comet, Constellation & Lunar- 2011, 2012, 2015

Galaxy, Aviator & Endeavour- 2011, 2012

Premium 410- 2010, 2011

Premium 500- 2008

Premium 507- 2007

Premium 600, 600CD, 700 & 700CD - 2008, 2009

MMX2 & MMX3- 2011

MMX6 & MMX7- 2010, 2011

MMX26000 CD- 2010

XL2000, XL2000CD, XL3000, XL3000CD, XL4000, XL4000CD, XL6000CD, XL7000CD & XL26000CD- 2007, 2008, 2009

Mardi Gras Swimspa

Carnival/XP/Aquadynamic Swimspa

Gala- 2012

Regatta Swimspa

Freestyle 14 XP/Aquadynamic Swimspa

Medley/XP/Aquadynamic Swimspa

Sprint/XP/Aquadynamic Swimspa

Relay 16 & 18 Swimspa

Marathon 18/5 Swimspa

Olympic Swimspa


And More...if you are not sure which headrests you require please email with your spa details.

Black with grey insert

With headrest is also available with a green insert- please click here to view.

19 1/4" x 4 3/4"

We strongly urge that chlorine tablets are not used in your new spa as these have been shown to cause headrests to deteriorate rapidly.

If your preferred spa sanitizer is chlorine based, we recommend that only chlorine granules are used.

To ensure the longest possible life for your spas headrests we recommend that they are removed from the spa when not in use.