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Catalina Spas

ADL 09 Gas Cover Lifter

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If you have been looking for an easy-to-use hydraulic hot tub cover lifter that one person can remove and replace with ease, then the ADL 09 Gas Cover Lifter is perfect. 

The ADL 09 Gas Cover lifter fits any hot tub. You can use it as a high side mount or top mount hydraulic cover lifter. In either installation, it makes it easy for just one person to lift off the hot tub cover. 


Made from large diameter aluminium tube, this eliminates twisting and torque. The corrosion resistant gas shocks provide extra lift assistance, making it simple to use. 

You will need no more than the depth of your folded hot tub spa cover. You can also attach the lifter directly to the floor or deck surface if your spa is set into your decking. The lifter is easy to assemble using only a drill, screwdriver and wrench; instructions provided.