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Catalina Spas

Bromine Tablets

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Bromine Tablets are used as an alternative to Chlorine Tablets.

To be used with dispensers and chemical feeders only.

Maintain Bromine levels between 2-4ppm for domestic pools

When using Bromine Tablets you will need to test regularly.

Please read instructions on the products before use.

Bromine has the advantage of being less irritating to the eyes, has very little effect on the pH, is effective over a wider pH band than Chlorine, and is odourless in water. Unlike Chlorine, Bromine also remains active in its combined form. It is therefore not thought necessary to differentiate between combined and free Bromine. However the DPD 1 test measures active Bromine.

Maintain Bromine levels between 2-4ppm for domestic spa, swimspas and pools.

Various methods of dosing Bromine, include inline feeders and floating feeders.


Avaliable in 1kg or 5kg.