Installation Information

Hot Tub Bathing Man and Woman


When planning for your new hot tub or swim spa it is important to ensure there is suitable and safe access to transport your hot tub to it's new home. Typically a hot tub is delivered on its side to allow access through gateways, as a safe minimum it is best to assume that the spa will be 1m wide whilst on its side, and will needs at least 2.5m height clearance. If these requirements can't be met it would be best to opt for a site survey.

Swim spas are usually delivered by crane or hi-ab due to their size and weight, occasionally this is also the only option for hot tub installation as well if the site doesn't allow suitable access for a manual delivery.



The base provides a solid foundation for your hot tub or swim spa, so the better the base, the better supported your new hot tub will be. It is worth remembering that when full, a hot tub can weigh anywhere between 1,000kg - 2,500kg, and a swim spa weighs between 5,000kg to 10,000kg!

We recommend at least 150mm reinforced concrete, that must be flat and smooth without any high or low points which will put pressure on the frame of your new spa.

If you have decided to place your hot tub or swim spa in ground, as well as the base you must consider a supporting perimeter wall, adequate space and access for servicing and drainage to ensure the pit cannot fill up with water!


Electrical Supply

The power supply required varies for each different model, with certain models drawing as low as 13 Amps, however, it is important to note that we never recommend a hot tub is plugged into a 13 Amp 3-pin socket, the risk of fire or personal injury is too high.

Plug and play spas come with a 16 Amp CEE form plug (round blue one) and will require a professionally installed 16 Amp power supply and a 16 Amp CEE form socket. Whilst the hot tub may only draw 13 Amps while in use a 16 Amp supply is the safest option. 

Everything else requires a hard wired connection, this means that the hot tub or swim spa will not be fitted with a plug or a supply cable. The electrical supply installed by your electrician will be wired directly in your hot tub control box.

Minimum power requirements (low amp mode*):

  • 1 Pump Hot Tub = 16 Amps
  • 2 Pump Hot Tub = 25 Amps
  • 3 Pump Hot Tub / Swim Spa = 36 Amps
  • 4 Pump Hot Tub / Swim Spa = 48 Amps
  • 5 Pump Swim Spa = 60 Amps ( Dual Temp 32 Amp + 32 Amp)
  • 6 Pump Swim Spa = 72 Amps (Dual Temp 32 Amp + 40 Amp)

* Low amp mode means the heater will turn off when the pump is running on high speed,


Water Supply

No permanent water supply connection is required, your hot tub or swim spa is simply filled from a hose pipe. It is a good idea to consider where you will drain the spa, and it is worth investing in a submersible pump for this.