Catalina Spas™ June Bank Holiday Weekend!

Catalina Spas™ June Bank Holiday Weekend!

With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration on its way, many are planning how they will be celebrating the long bank holiday weekend.

A hot tub or swimspa provides an ideal base to host and entertain your guests.
Here are some tips if you are planning on hosting a Hot Tub party!
1. Clean Your Hot Tub
The first and most important thing to do before inviting guests over, is to do a little maintenance before they arrive.
Clean out the hot tub and check the filters, then fill it up with fresh water and bring it to the right temperature. Its best to do this the day before to make sure it is ready on time.
2. Focus on the Lighting

Assuming your hot tub party is going to stretch well into the evening, paying special attention to the lighting is important too. Fairy lights strung across trees and bushes can add a celebrative feel to your party (don't forget to add some some festive bunting.)

There are plenty of options here nowadays and most light strings are battery operated. Some hot tubs have built-in lights to help set the mood and are also handy for seeing where you are stepping if you are using the tub whilst it is dark!

3. Have Plenty of Fresh Towels

Don’t expect everyone to be properly prepared. It’s a good idea to have some clean fluffy towels stacked somewhere within easy reach. It not only keeps people dry and warm, it stops them tracking puddles across the rest of the garden, or worse – in the house!

4. Get the BBQ and Music Going

Most may combine a BBQ with some drinking at their hot tub party. You might want to introduce a protocol that drinks can’t be taken into the hot tub, though this can be difficult to control. At the very least, perhaps be prepared with some plastic glasses so that you don’t risk getting any broken glass in the tub.

No party is complete without a playlist or two. If your spa or swimspa isn't equipped with any music devices, ensure you have a Bluetooth speaker handy!

We now also sell the Cleer Stage speaker which can not only play music, it can check the weather, allow you to plan a BBQ using your voice with Amazon Alexa and more. Using the Cleer Connect app, stereo pair two units together for an even bigger sound, perfect for those summer garden parties.

5. Keep it Safe
Of course, there’s got to be a degree of safety when it comes to any hot tub gathering. Water and too much drink can be a dangerous mix, so you may want to set some ground rules when it comes getting in the tub. These might include:

Making sure guests know to drink water alongside any alcohol to stay hydrated
Putting slip mats around the hot tub area so that people don’t fall.
Limiting the number of people in the hot tub at one time.
Only allowing plastic glasses near the hot tub and surrounding area.
Making sure all children are supervised by a responsible person when in and around water.
These are basic safety rules but you may want to put a list of do’s and don’t near the hot tub. It might seem a little unsocial but not everyone is aware of hot tub safety protocol and it is clear for everyone to see.

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