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What Preparations You Need to Make Before Installing a Hot Tub or Spa

23 Jun 2013

Preparing for your hot tub or spa?

Before you go out and buy a hot tub or spa, consider first how much space you have available and where you want to position the tub to enjoy maximum benefit.

With British weather being so unpredictable (and if the area is overlooked by other neighbouring properties) it makes sense to situate the spa as closely as possible to your home or external changing area. Remember that although trees can provide some welcome natural shade in hotter temperatures, you may also incur the problem of leaves and insects falling into the water, so you may prefer to situate your tub away from any overhanging branches.

Whether you intend to install your tub indoors or outside, please note that grass, sand or waterlogged ground are unsuitable bases for a hot tub, which needs to have a solid foundation. The ground you prepare should be smooth, level and able to support a heavy weight. Any shifting of the base after the spa has been installed could result in damage to the shell of the spa itself.

If possible, a layer of concrete around 5 inches thick provides the ideal foundation for a hot tub. Alternatively, a level, flat patio also offers an excellent alternative.

For safety reasons, it is vital that you avoid placing your tub near overhead power lines. It also makes sense that in the event that any repairs or maintenance are required, there is enough space around the outside of the entire tub which will allow these activities to take place safely and easily.