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Unique Features for your Party Spa

09 Jul 2013

Catalina Spas is a family-run business with 17 years worth of sales in the UK and across Europe. We are a constant forerunner in our design and implementation of the latest features available for both private and commercial sector spas. Here is a selection of some of the unique features that Catalina has pioneered in the European market.

18 LED Waterfall

This is a fantastic feature for evening spa sessions. Whether you are relaxing with a glass of wine and a movie or have friends over for a party, the LED waterfall sets the scene. A standard feature on all the Sunset Constellation range, the water pressure can be controlled to change the waterfall to your liking.

Illuminated Jets

Another party-piece is the illuminated jets. Their underwater features are more than just mood setting lights. These are the finest hydrotherapy jets available. They are designed completely with bather comfort in mind and have the functionality of inter-changeable pressures to offer the bather a bespoke massage to their liking!

Trevi Waterfalls

Stunning features at the night-time, these little waterfalls offer nothing more aesthetic exuberance, but it’s worth it! These fantastic waterfalls ‘pop up’ out of the shell when turned on, and the back-light in the housing shines a beam of light through the waterfall offer a ‘Las Vegas style’ display. Great little party features.

LED Perimeter Lights

For the full-on party-piece, perimeter lights installed around the outside decking of the spa area could be the perfect idea. This is ideal for those who want to make a featured area around the spa – perhaps with a bar area, loungers, stools, plants, extended decking and more.

Catalina spas provide the most cutting-edge spa features on the market with a comprehensive range of spas to suit every budget, requirement and setting. Therefore, make sure you check out their range today.