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Things You Don't See Very Often

23 Aug 2013

Now, I know this won’t mean an awful lot to some people but this week saw the Perseid meteor shower pass over southern England.  This occurs when the Earth passes through a stream of dusty debris from the Swift-Tuttle comet (apparently!).

We had front row seats in the hot tub and saw at least half a dozen ‘shooting stars’ and an appearance by the space station.

I think being in the tub at night is my favourite time of the day, especially if there is a clear sky.  I am definitely one of these people who believe we are not the only ‘beings’ in the universe and staring up at the stars gives my mind free rein (those of you who have read my blogs will know that this happens quite often!) to imagine what/who else is ‘out there’.

And, if they are out there, do they have hot tubs?  If not, perhaps a marketing opportunity for Catalina Spas in the future, you never know!

By Fiona Cramer