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Swimspa range receives Olympic size addition!

20 Sep 2013

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our largest Dual temperature Swimspa yet! The ‘NEW’ Olympic 21/6, this all new Catalina will set new standards in the world of Swimspas.  

The Olympic 21/6 features a re-designed pool featuring; 4 powerful pumps, 3 river swim jets, exercise bars, relax lounger, water features and LED Lighting. The spa is derived from our bestselling Constellation offering powerful large and comfortable bathing with, LED lighting, water features and waterfall.  The overall specification includes 6 pumps, 2 heated air blowers and a range of heating options.

2013 has been a record year in Swimspa sales this year, with customers favouring the lower running costs and easier installation to a regular pool. We now offer the UK largest selection of Swimspas 11 models, 4 dual temperature and prices from £9995 RRP inc VAT.