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On Land or on Sea

21 Jun 2013

We recently were lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to Monaco for the day to see the 2013 Grand Prix.  Yes, I know that seems very frivolous and yes, you do see more on the telly, but the atmosphere was very special and it was great just to be a part of the whole thing.

Although we didn’t see a great deal of the race one of the things you don’t realise when watching from the comfort of your front room is that at the end of the race all the boats (or are they yachts??) sound their horns.  As you can imagine this produces a veritable cacophony of sound as many of these marine craft (let’s try not to offend any seafaring folk) are of the extremely large variety.

Now, even with the winning lottery ticket, I doubt I’d ever be able to afford one, but one thing I do have in common with some of these is the hot tub.  There is one well known builder of large seafaring craft (and I mean large!), who offer the option of having a hot tub installed on your own personal yacht (or gin palace in my case).  Just picture it – cruising the Mediterranean – watching the world go by from the comfort of your hot tub!

OK, so that may be a pipe dream but if I close my eyes, lay back in the tub and sip my wine I can almost hear the gentle slap of the waves against the hull.

By Fiona Cramer