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Medical Benefits Associated with Hot Tubs

25 Jun 2013

There’s nothing quite so relaxing as lying back and easing your aching muscles in a spacious hot tub.

But did you know that there are also several medical benefits associated with using a hot tub?

The key to these benefits lie in the hot water which in turn, increases blood circulation around the body and so lowers blood pressure – good news for those who have suffered a stroke or have other heart-related medical issues.

Although initially, the hot water is likely to make the heart pump faster and raise blood pressure, the blood vessels will quickly begin to dilate, allowing warmed blood to spread around the body. It is this action which begins to lower the blood pressure. The soothing water helps the person to relax and often leads to a good night’s sleep.

The buoyancy created by the water also helps to ease away those aches and pains, gentling massaging muscles and soothing sore joints. For this reason, hot tubs are also often recommended for those suffering from arthritis. The jets of water massage tense knots of muscles, creating relief and loosening up circulation.

Exercise is of course essential for well being but for many, traditional forms of exercise can be potentially painful and can even prove dangerous for some if unsupervised. A hot tub provides a comfortable, safe area in which to do some gentle exercise, with the water protecting vulnerable areas from being knocked or bruised.

Although hot tubs are an excellent form of treatment support for many people, it is of course essential that if you are considering buying a hot tub for medical purposes, that you seek the advice of a qualified doctor.