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It Doesn't Matter Whether It's Hot or Cold

16 Jul 2013

Well, we managed to survive for a whole two weeks without the hot tub.  Yes, I know you’re surprised, but we swapped one form of water container for another.  We’re just back from two weeks in Turkey and replaced the hot tub with a swimming pool.

Whether the water is hot or cold there is something very comforting in immersing yourself.  Of course, in a warm country, it’s the ‘cooling down’ affect but here at home there’s an almost ‘back to the womb’ like quality in sitting in a hot tub.  Do you remember those days before you were born??  No, of course you don’t, but you can probably imagine – no mortgage, no kids, no stress!  What bliss.

Sitting in the hot tub seems to take away all the strains and stresses of the day and you emerge feeling totally relaxed.

What I’m not quite so relaxed about is the fact that the One Show have decided that our little film on hot tubs is worthy of being shown again on Thursday 18th July at 7 p.m.  Will my embarrassment never end!

By Fiona Cramer