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Hot Tub in an Igloo!

22 Oct 2013

Sat in a 37°C hot tub whilst the outside temperature is 2°C and the snow is falling is wonderful! The only downside is getting out! Now I wonder what it would feel like if you were in a hot tub which is in the middle of an open top igloo, to be honest it hasn’t ever sprung to mind! But after reading an article in the Sunday newspaper I now wonder what that would be like. Would it be enjoyable or would you just be too worried about getting out into the cold! Personally I think it would certainly be an experience, to tell people that you relaxed in a hot tub which was situated in an open top igloo.

The only problem is, is that if I stayed there for the weekend I don’t think I could handle the cold! However they do have the heated igloo which I think I could do! You have the warmth but you still have the feel of the igloo village! If there was an option to visit the snow igloos for the day and then go back to a nice heated lodge at night, then I would give it a go!

The mountaintop getaways are rebuilt every season using 3,000 tons of snow at six locations in the Alps and the Pyrenees. The average construction time to build these Igloo villages is approx. 2700 hours (112 ½ days). They are obviously very popular hotels if they get rebuilt every season!

What are your thoughts on taking a dip in a hot tub that is in an open top igloo?