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Fifteen Minutes of Fame

25 Apr 2013

If there is anyone out there reading my blogs (more akin to ramblings I hear you say) you’ll be pleased to hear that I have now moved on from flying objects.

Indeed, spending time in the hot tub took on a whole new life of its own this week.

It all started with a phone call from Sophie at Catalina Spas asking if we would be interested in appearing on the BBC One Show.  They were producing a feature on the rising popularity of hot tubs; apparently 1 in 20 families now own one. Well, I’m sure you’ve all experienced that feeling when your brain is telling your mouth ‘say no’ but your mouth just carries on regardless anyway which is why in the next breath I hear myself saying ‘of course, why not’.

That was on Monday night.  By Tuesday afternoon I had spoken to a lovely BBC researcher who seemed to think we would be suitable to appear on the programme and by Tuesday teatime a film crew from the BBC were ensconced in our back garden!

Let me tell you – appearing on the telly is not as easy as they make it look!!!!  The film crew were lovely.  They set up and took several background shots of the garden – thank goodness hubby cut the grass at the week-end – after which we moved on to the main business of the day.

My husband and I sat in the hot tub and just chatted generally about why we had bought one and what we liked most about it ( I’m afraid to say I did mention the birds and planes).  So, I hear you say, what’s so difficult about that? Nothing really but when you have to repeat it several times as your voice wasn’t picked up or you hesitated or you looked down, or a thousand or one other reasons, it is a little tiring.  Especially after you’ve been sat in the tub for 2 hours.  Fortunately as the tub kept at a steady 38 degrees we were extremely comfortable.

To cut a long story short after nearly three hours the film crew seemed satisfied with the result and drove off back to London.

And it is for this reason that I am now becoming very nervous, as the show goes out this evening, Thursday 25th April.  Gulp!!  Not sure I will be able to watch but I have set the recording up.

Perhaps I’ll just go and sit in the hot tub instead!

By Fiona Cramer