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Catalina Spa and Swimspa Insulation

12 Feb 2014

At Catalina™ we believe that we have a responsibility to the owner to ensure their Swimspa or Spa runs and operates as efficiently as possible. Great care is used in the selection of insulation materials to keep running costs to a minimum.

Insulation - We only use the best insulation available and conform to the strict California Energy Commission Standards. The California Energy Commission was established in 1975 to reduce energy consumption and save on energy bills. It sets strict standards to ensure all CEC compliant products are energy efficient. As part of Catalina’s commitment to also ensure our products have low running costs we can confirm all of our Spas and Swimspas meet these high standards.

Our insulating process starts with the application of high density foam that is spray applied to the reverse of the spa shell, under the contoured top lip and plumbing. The foam has a closed cell content of 90% and an insulation K factor of 0.16.
This process not only gives the very best insulation values it also adds additional strength to the shell and provides a strong support for pipework.
It does not end there. We then add Radiant GUARD® Reflex-Air™ to the back of the spa cabinet. A reflective wrap insulation product consists of two layers of a bubble insulation material laminated between layers of metallized film to provide excellent thermal resistance. The insulation contains an air retention layer designed to provide increased strength and puncture resistance and has the 10 year warranty that Catalina™ apply to our cabinets and spa shells.

Rediant GUARD® Reflex-Air™ reflective insulation reflects up to 96% of radiant energy in addition to resisting conductive and convective heat transfers this providing effective insulation.

Safety Insulation Cover -  We use only the best high density polystyrene material in the manufacture of our Spa and Swimspa covers, featuring an internal waterproof sleeve, steel reinforced centres for added strength, heavy duty handles and fixings. The finish is an attractive textured high grade colour coded stitched UV stabilised PVC cover. Tapered from 130mm to 75mm to aid water run-off and with high insulation values, for added SAFETY our covers are fitted with locks and keys. Our Spa and Swimspa covers are UL listed as a safety cover.