Why Catalina Spas

The World's Finest Swimspas...

Catalina have perfected the art of combining the healing power of warm water, massage therapy and exercise which means that Catalina can offer you some of the most advanced and beneficial Swimspas and Swim Trainers on the market.

What Are You Waiting For?

Discover the benefits today! Catalina Swimspas use the latest technology with tried and tested components. The river jet system enables you to swim against the current, perfect for exercising without the strain on your joints and muscles. Other features include beautiful LED lighting; stand up massage stations and comfortable seating.

Why Catalina Swimspas?

A Catalina Swimspa is not only hand built, each and every one is finished to the highest possible standard making it one of the most beautiful Swimspas in the world. Incorporating contemporary designs with comfort, our Swimspas are produced using on the finest materials. The flexibility and enhanced build quality provides the ultimate in comfort and performance ensuring each and every member of the family benefits from a Swimspa. Our Swimspas are built to last a lifetime which is why each Catalina is sold with a 10 year warranty.