What are the likely running costs for my new spa?

Electrical running costs depend on use. All Catalina spas are built with a high density foam insulation spray applied to both the reverse of the spa shell and plumbing and the spa cabinet. We call this 'thermal pane insulation' - it is the most efficient form of insualtion on a spa. This helps keep running costs to a minimum, However you should budget about a £1 per day or more for swimspas. We supply a range of ECO heat pumps that will cut running costs by up to 70%. Please contact us for more information.

Are they designed for indoor or outdoor use?

The top lip of a Catalina spa extends beyond the cabinet - similar to your roof overhanging the walls. This important feature ensures that they are ideally suited to outdoor as well as indoor use. Spas look great either indoors or out although it is fair to say that most are installed outdoors.

Can my Catalina spa be used all year round?

Absolutely! Many people tell us about their holiday experiences of using a hot spa in the snow! There's nothing better than sitting in the warm therapeutic waters on a winter's evening staring up at a starry sky!

Will my spa work on the off-peak Economy 7 tariff?

Yes, most Catalina spas are fitted with their own built-in timeclock enabling you to set it's operating times.

How will the spa be heated?

For your convenience, all equipment is contained within the cabinet of your spa and includes a 3kw electric heater. Our popular range of ECO heat pumps can be fitted to any of our spas or swimspas helping to reduce running costs by as much as 70%.

Do you offer Finance?

Yes we offer finance. Please contact the office for more information or click here to see what options are available.

What Warranty do I get on my new Catalina Spa?

We at Catalina pride ourselves on providing the best Warranty in the industry. On all of the Catalina ranges including swimspas, you receive 10 years warranty on the shell structure, 10 years warranty on motors and control systems, and 10 years warranty on the plumbing and shell surface . No other spa comes with such comprehensive warranties. Please see the warranty terms. The Eurospa and Ocean spa ranges have 5 year warranty on the shell and structure and 2 years on the pumps and control systems. Again please see warranty terms for full details.

Are the spas supplied with a safety cover?

Only Catalina spas are supplied with a UL listed safety cover. The cover fits snugly over the top of your spa, is centrally hinged for convenience, and incorporates 2 steel strengtheners. The cover is 5" (13cm) thick, tapering to 3" (8cm) to ensure water drains off. The cover has a lock for safety.

Can I lock my spa?

We think of everything. Not only with the majority of Catalina spas can you lock the control panel to prevent its use in your absence, the spa cover is also supplied with a lock to secure it over the top of the spa for added safety and to prevent it being blown away.

Are spas good for you?

You ask any Doctor - hydrotherapy is world-renowned. Hydrotherapy is a Greek word, with hydro meaning water and therapeia meaning healing. Your spa will increase blood circulation and lower blood pressure, boost the metabolism, remove toxins from your body through perspiration and increase kidney activity. It will also help relieve aching muscles and joints and increases oxidants and nutrients in the skin and repair damage. But that's just the benefits for the body. For your mind, your spa will help you sleep, boost mental alertness, sooth anger, increase levels of concentration, improve memory, reduce anxiety and relieve mental fatigue. Quote " The beneficial effects of the water depend on the temperature, the depth and the duration of immersion" Dr John Harcup (Chairman of the BSF's Medical Advisory Committee).

Do I need a plumbed water supply to my spa?

The Catalina spa is a self-contained unit and is easily filled with a hosepipe.

If I move home after buying my spa, can I take it with me?

Catalina spas are portable enabling you to relocate them. We have some customers who choose to use the spa indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer. But if you do move house and want to take your spa with you, using our specialist equipment we can assist you in moving your spa to your new home. Most people, however, sell the spa with their old house and buy a replacement for their new home.

Does my spa need a special base?

You must remember that your spa when full of water and people will be very heavy so we do not recommend that it is placed directly onto grass. If you have an existing well-constructed patio your new spa should sit on it without any problems. If not, we recommend a concrete base, approximately 2" to 3" bigger all round than the spa and approximately 4" thick. The thickness may need to increased to 6" if your spa is going onto unstable ground. By contacting Catalina, our expert team is always happy to provide helpful advice.

What power supply will my spa need?

The Catalina range of spas are the best performers on the market and need appropriate power. For this reason, depending on the model chosen, the power supply will be either 30amp or 16amp single phase. For swimspas other than our ECO models the power requirement will be higher. We recommend the installation is carried out by a qualified electrician.

Do I need Planning Permission?

No. Planning Permission is not required for your spa, although if it's positioned on a roof, balcony or upstairs, we recommend that you consult a Structural Engineer.

How much will my spa weigh?

The weight of the spa will, of course, depend dramatically on whether it is wet or dry. The average dry weight of a Catalina is 350 kg, increasing to over 2,000 kg when it's full of water and in use.

Do I have to change the water in my spa and how often?

We recommend that you change the water every 2 - 3 months, depending on usage. But dont waste it! A couple of days before you are going to drain the spa, don't add any more chemicals, remove the cover, switch off the spa allowing the water to cool and use it for watering the garden.

Do I need chemicals?

All spas require some form of chemicals either for balancing the pH or as a sanitiser. Your Catalina spa is fitted with an ozone system. This substantially reduces the amount of chemicals required with the consequence that your spa water need not smell like a swimming pool. 

Is the water chemistry easy to look after?

Yes, very much so. Your spa water is easily tested by using a test dip strip and gives clear information as to what to do. A simple operation taking only a couple of minutes will always ensure your spa water remains in a pristine condition.

Where can I get chemicals for my new spa?

Any chemicals you require for operating your spa, including a wide range of essences and accessories, are all available from our Catalina Dealers or in our online shop.

Do you offer a Service Contract?

Yes - we have a full Service Department which offers annual servicing and maintenance on not just the Catalina range but other makes as well. Our All-Inclusive annual service programme is very popular as it provides total peace of mind and guarantees your spa for life (see Terms & Conditions).

How is the water in my spa filtered?

Catalina spas are built with a highly-efficient cartridge filtration system filtering out the very finest particles, helping to keep your spa water sparkling.

How often should I change the filters?

You don't need to change the filters that often. We do recommend that the filters are taken out and cleaned every 2 weeks or more, depending on use. The filters are best cleaned using our Cartridge Cleaner and left to soak overnight and then simply rinsed with a garden hose before re-fitting. We recommend that the filters are replaced by new ones every 6 months.