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Catalina Spas

Catalina™ Ultra IR Heater

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Catalina™ Ultra IR Heater

Gardens continue to offer the best value for money outdoor living and recreation for the family and friends whether its BBQ’s, Hot Tubbing, Pools or just having a relaxing fun time. But as the evening cools or on the colder days don’t be put off by the temperature – the Catalina™ Ultra IR Heater will keep you warm!

This premium 1.5kW infrared heater boasts a low-glare design that seamlessly blends into any setting. With a central swivel bracket, allowing versatile direction, it can also be used with a range of chains and bracketry, specifically designed to allow the unproblematic fitting, onto awnings and parasols.

The Catalina™ Ultra comfort heat range offers 100% energy efficiency. Most of all the electrical energy produced is turned into infrared heat, this is due to the high-end precision engineering together with the performance of the top of the range ULG (ultra-low glare) heating elements. Bringing the highest functionality, efficiency together with clean stylish aesthetics makes these heaters rivalled by no other.

For example: The 1.5kW has very similar if not better heat performance and projection than 2.0-3.0kW cheaper alternatives.

Key Features:

  • Dual ULG (Ultra-Low-Glare) Heating Technology
  • Controllability Dimming and Timer Features
  • Optimised Gold Reflectors Offering Increased Heat Protection
  • High-Powered Heat for Both Domestic and Commercial Settings
  • We use FULL shortwave infrared heating technology which is known to be a little more expensive to produce. It is the most efficient way to heat people outdoors.
  • Not affected by the wind
  • 5kW unit will cover up to 12M² area

So, if you’re looking for alfresco in garden dining, outdoor or covered bar heating or just relaxing, the Catalina™ Ultra heaters are energy efficient and greatly reduce your heating costs.

The Catalina™ Ultra IR heaters are UK manufactured and use components sourced from the UK and Europe. 

This high-powered model is available in 1.5kW & 2.0kW variations.