More than just a hot tub

A Catalina Spa hot tub offers opportunities to relax, socialise and experience the benefits of hydromassage.

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from £4699

x 5 x 12

El Camino

from £5799

x 3 x 21

Bel Air

from £5799

x 5 x 20


from £4999

x 3 x 25


from £5899

x 5 x 25


from £5899

x 5 x 29


from £7199

x 6 x 47


from £7199

x 7 x 50


from £8399

x 5 x 31


from £9999

x 5 x 55


from £9999

x 6 x 52


from £10799

x 6 x 64


from £10799

x 7 x 57

Nebula Aquadynamic

from £10299

x 5 x 37

Aurora Aquadynamic

from £10799

x 6 x 50

Luna Aquadynamic

from £10799

x 7 x 47

Constellation Aquadynamic

from £12599

x 6 x 60

Comet Aquadynamic

from £12599

x 5 x 57

Relax. Socialise. Experience

Catalina have perfected the art of combining the healing power of warm water, massage therapy and exercise which means that we can offer you the most advanced and beneficial Hot Tub Spas on the market.


Relax in a Catalina spa and drift away from the stress of day to day life


A hot tub is a great place to soak up the time and ambience with friends and family

Complete Control

Intuitive user friendly controls for easy operation

Go Outdoors

Hot Tubs are a great way of enjoying the long summer evenings and cold nights of winter

Hydromassage Benefits

Our strategically placed hydrotherapy jets and powerful water pumps soothe away aches and pains

Cutting Edge Technology

Our spas have been built to combine cutting edge technology with beautiful sleek designs creating an altogether more superior hot tub experience

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