Commercial and Bespoke Spas

Vesta (Overflow)


Catalina Commercial spas are manufactured from the finest grade vacuum formed Acrylic that is strengthened with laminated polyester. Our overflow models are all one piece acrylic. All plumbing is in securely bracketed PVC. Once constructed the spa shell is fitted with a welded Aluminium frame and adjustable feet.

Operating Systems and Controls

As commercial spa installations vary on application and specification we manufacture bespoke equipment packs to suit each project. Please contact us.


We have CAD line drawings and images for this spa.


Spa Shell only yes
Spa Shell only + Air Channel yes
Spa Shell Pre Plumbed 7 Jets yes
Spa Shell Pre Plumbed + Air Channel yes
Spa Shell Pre Plumbed 14 Jets yes
Spa Shell Pre Plumbed 14 Jets + Air Channel yes
Thermal Insulation / Safety Cover yes
Spa Shell Foam Insulation yes
Summer Sapphire or Oceanwave Opal Colours yes
Metalescent Colours yes



Dimensions 2900 x 2900
Depth 1100 ± 20
Capacity 1600 + 1100
Number of Jets 7 or 14
Number of Bathers 7
Under water light (excludes transformer) Halogen
Aluminium Adjustable Leg System Yes
Overflow Outlet Connections Ø 110mm
Air Supply Ø 50mm
Filter Flow and Return Ø 63mm
Hydrotherapy Flow and Return Ø 63mm