Spa Chemicals

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A comprehensive range of Catalina approved spa water treatment chemicals. For your health and enjoyment. Spas and Hot Tubs must not be used without the correct sanitiser and pH levels. Water maintenance is very easy and quick to do. For more information or assistance please contact us.

The water treatment products that you will need to add to your Spa are highly concentrated. Never mix chemicals together.Some chemcials, when mixed, can cause poisonous gases or even explosions.

Before adding any Spa treatments to your Spa always read the instructions on the back of the container.

Always add chemicals to water, not water to chemicals.

Never add more than one water treatment product to your spa at the same time. When adding any water treatment to your Spa water always make sure the Spa water is being circulated.
Refilling Your Spa
As a general guide your Spa should be drained and re-filled at least once every 12 weeks. The 12-weeks maximum is applicable to Spas that are used by an average of two people per day. If the Spa is used by an average of 4 people per day the Spa should be drained every 6 weeks. When emptying your Spa, always clean the filter cartridge before refilling. Very heavily used Spas should be emptied more frequently.

Catalina Spas cannot supply chemicals outside of the UK due to transport restrictions.

Catalina Spa-kle Granules 5kg

To be used with the Spa-kle System

Chlorine Chemical Starter Kit

This Catalina spa Water Treatment Starter Pack has been designed for all your requirements for maintaining your spa water in pristine condition. This Starter Pack includes the following:

pH Minus

When the water is more alkaline, pH Minus is used to decrease the pH

pH Plus

When the water is more acidic, pH plus is used to increase the pH

Total Alkalinity Plus 1kg

Total Alkalinity is the mesure of alkaline salts in your Spa water.