Single Temperature Swimspas

Mardi Gras

The Catalina Mardi Gras is the original space saving swim trainer and party Spa. It is an ideal entry level, affordable, garden entertainment centre and aqua gym. It features the Catalina Pro Swim training System which gives you a low-impact, full-body workout that builds muscle, increases endurance and burns calories. This swim trainer provides the same workout as swimming in a regular pool without the need to repeatedly turn! The Mardi Gras is perfect for large groups or parties, with LED underwater lighting and seating for 11 people with 28 relaxing hydrotherapy jets. The Mardi Gras is also our shallowest swimspa and because of this it has a low energy requirement and running cost.



The Carnival is a 210mm deeper version of the Mardi Gras. The LED lighting system has also been upgraded with the addition of LED perimeter lighting. The Carnival includes as standard the Catalina Pro Swim training system and is available in 3 different performance power options, the Classic, the Classic XP and the Aquadynamic. Meaning you can choose the perfect specification for you. The Carnival is also available as an in ground model.


The Medley is aimed more towards the keen swimmer than the Mardi Gras and Carnival. The length has been increased and the seats in the swim lane removed to widen the swimming area and give more of a traditional pool feel. The spa end has seating for 2 extra people giving a total of 5 seats with massaging hydrotherapy jets. Like the Carnival, the Medley comes with LED perimeter and underwater lights, exercise equipment for the ultimate workout and an option of 3 different performance power settings, all of which are available above or in ground.


The Freestyle has a large open swim lane that offers an ideal swimming and exercise space. The spa end has seating for 3 which includes 2 deluxe, full body, deep contoured multi jet therapy loungers. It also includes a stand up massage station which together with the seating gives the Freestyle a total of 66 hydrotherapy jets. A heated air blower system makes the jets on a Freestyle swimspa feel more powerful and therapeutic than ever. The Freestyle is available with 2 different performance power settings, the Classic XP and the Aquadynamic it is also available in above or in ground versions.


The Sprint is a longer version of the Medley. With an extra 550mm in the swim lane and an extra 570 litres water capacity it is the largest of our standard swimspas. Like the Medley it is available in 3 different performance power settings and is available either in ground or above ground. It comes as standard with our Catalina exercise equipment, underwater and perimeter LED lighting.