Pool Series


The Orinoco is a no nonsense fitness pool designed with exercise in mind. This fitness pool with stand up massage station and exercise/rowing kit is ideal for serious swimmers or those that already have, or would like, separate pool and spa. Its fully insulated shell makes it the perfect alternative to a traditional pool.


The Amazon is an extended version of the Orinoco. More than a metre longer and with an extra 1000 litres water capacity you can really feel the extra space in an Amazon fitness pool. As with the Orinoco the Amazon is supplied with exercise/ rowing kit and is available in 3 different performance power settings, above or in ground. If it’s deep you’re looking for then look no further than the Amazon.


The Atlantic is a new pool for 2016. It is a massive 21 feet long (6.35M) and has 3 different internal depths. Unlike many other swimspas or pools the Atlantic is made using a two pack gelcoat fibre reinforced resin system. This makes it an ideal alternative to a regular swimming pool. The Atlantic Pool is available as a regular pool with no swim jets or with one of our 3 different performance power settings making this our largest swim trainer fitness pool. It is also available as the in ground version.