Automatic Chemical Dosing

There are multiple options of chemical dosing available today but they are often complicated, difficult to install, expensive, require a plant room or large foot print and make claims far beyond their abilities.




The ADL chemical control systems can offer you the following benefits;

  • Fully insulated and self-contained – no need for separate plant room only (W)610, (D)300 & (H)800mm.
  • Easy to install and comes compete with plumbing kit – fits most makes of spas and swimspas and can be fitted in under 2 hours.
  • Auxiliary pump option that does not need the filtration to be running – ideal if the spa or swimspa filter is switched ‘off’ overnight or for other reasons.
  • Residential and commercial – ideal for holiday lets and volumes up to 40,000 Litres.
  • Data history record – internal memory that retains the dosing history.
  • LAN Module option for remote access – allows off site monitoring of readings and amount of chemicals used and when to replenish.
  • Dealer login - allows the dealer to monitor the clients systems to give advice and forward warning of potential issues and check chemical use to prompt reordering.
  • Help to maintain regular contact with client and introduce maintenance plan.
  • Addition earning potential from existing clients.
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Wall mounted unit

Ideal for plant rooms

Thermo Housing Unit

Insulated weatherproof unit, ideal for spas and swimspas.

In Cabinet Unit

For adding Automatic Dosing inside the Spa / swimspa Cabinet.

12V 24hr circulation pump

allows chemical monitoring/ dosing without the need to run long filter cycles